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Vermont Lunar CubeSat Project


Earth_fromcubesatHere is the completed photo of the Earth. 

Now to spend time with Google Earth to figure out what we are looking at.

 This was sent from the CubeSat to us using SPARK/Ada software. 
The Lunar CubeSat photo is of Port Hedland on the coast of Western Australia.


CubeSat deployment photo

cubesats_iss038_960Vermont Lunar CubeSat Project...Space exploration is happening right under our noses, even in Vermont. Although this is a deployment from the International Space Station, ours would have looked very similar. Ours was the third one out, corresponding to the one on the right.

Ours ( cubesatlab.org ) is on the Minotaur 1 launch.  Live TV coverage of the Minotaur-1 launch  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nasa-tv-wallops

For those space enthusiasts among you...WCAX coverage of the VTC project   http://t.co/l9d8FDMBlE     more info....


Regional Emmy Nomination for Program on VTSGC/NASA EPSCoR Project....Go



WCAX coverage of the VTC project



ORS-3 Launch Map-Elevation

Ours ( cubesatlab.org ) is on the Minotaur 1 launch. 

An estimated 37 satellites carrying amateur radio payloads are expected to be deployed this week.




WCAX coverage of the VTC project



Dear Vermont Space Grant Consortium Affiliates and VT NASA EPSCoR TAC Committee Members,

Please see the following message from VSGC/NASA EPSoR Director, Darren Hitt:

Good morning,


On behalf of the Vermont Space Grant & NASA EPSCoR Program,

 I am pleased to inform you that the State of Vermont now has its own "cubesat" satellite in space as of last evening. 

The "Lunar Lander" CubeSat project developed at Vermont Technical College under Prof. Carl Brandon

(http://www.cubesatlab.org/Lunar_Lander/Project_Overview.shtml) successfully launched along with 10 other university cubesats aboard a

Minotaur 1 rocket last night around 8:30 PM EST from NASA's Wallops Island Launch Facility in Virginia.  The latest update from VTC is that

they have successfully established radio communications with their cubesat in orbit. In addition to the primary satellite development work

performed at VTC, additional logisitical support in communications and orbit planning was provided by collaborating faculty  and students at

Norwich University, St. Michael's College and the University of Vermont.



To view the video of the launch, see

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYzzY9HbBmo&feature=em-uploademail ;if

you'd like to read more about the CubeSat Launch program, see



This project was initiated through the Vermont Space Grant with a Consortium Development Award to VTC in 2009; since that initial two-year

award, the project has received ongoing annual support from both the Vermont Space Grant and NASA EPSCoR programs.


Kind regards,



Darren L. Hitt, Ph.D.

Interim Director, Vermont Space Grant Consortium & NASA EPSCoR

Four CubeSats will deploy from the International Space Station on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 19/20, the rest in two separate launches. The first launch, a  Minotaur-1 rocket from Wallops Island Virginia, will be sometime after 00:30 UT, Wednesday, November 20, the other will be a Dnepr from Dombarovsky near Yasny at 07:10:11 UT on Thursday, November 21.

Live TV coverage of the Minotaur-1 launch

Live TV coverage of the Dnepr launch

ISS CubeSats Deploy Tuesday and Wednesday

November Amateur Satellite Deployments with frequency list

Minotaur-1 CubeSats

FUNcube-1 Welcome to launch week!


The half-hour television program "Out of This World," which highlighted Vermont's CubeSat Lunar Lander Project and was the lead-off episode of this year's Vermont Public Television Emerging Science series, has been nominated for a New England Regional Emmy in the Outstanding Health/Science Program category.  

Regional Emmy Nomination for Program on VTSGC/NASA EPSCoR Project

For details regarding the N.E. Regional Emmy nomination visit:


To view the VPT Emerging Science video, entitled
"Out of This World"

To view a recent news article visit: http://www.uvm.edu/~cems/?Page=news&storyID=12586&category=cems

Regional Emmy Nomination for Program on VTSGC/NASA EPSCoR Project

The VT CubeSat Lunar Lander Project project was initiated with support from the VTSGC's 2009 CDC award and is being supported this year by Vermont's NASA EPSCoR Project through a research minigrant to Prof. Carl Brandon at Vermont technical College.  Prof. Brandon has been awarded a NASA launch opportunity next year for a 1-U CubeSat that will test aspects of the Lander package's navigation system in orbit.

Launch is tentatively set for July 2013

2012 Collaboration

CubeSat_Carl Brandon PPT CubeSat_Flight Control Hardware_Michael Collins_Charles Hathaway CubeSat_Flight Control Software_Daniel Turner_Colin Myers CUBESAT_Norwich University Team_Dr. R.(Danner) Friend,Mentor
CubeSat_Carl Brandon_PPT2 Norwich _CubeSat_PPT CubeSat PowWow_VtSGC Ceremony CubeSt Poster Display_VSGC Ceremony
CubeSat_Flight Control software_poster_D. Turner Norwich_CubesatOptical_Sensor_Module for Automomous Navigation on the Moon_Jaime Demers Norwich_Embedded Programing for Image_Processing Onboard a CubeSat_ Kaina Delgado Norwick_AUV_Christopher Gour_Robert BauchII

2011 Collaboration
Dr. Carl Brandon, CubeSat Director, VT Technical College
Dr. Peter Chapin, CubeSat Lab Software Director
Jeremy Audet, Student Software Development & Hardware Interface
Matt Ward, Student Software Development & Hardware Interface

Dr. Randolph (Danner) Friend, CubeSat Team, Norwich University
Dr. Jacques Beneat, CubeSat Team, Norwich University
Kierra Johnson, Electrical Engineering, Norwich University
Saranat Sanban, Electrical Engineering, Norwich University
Muzarbek Zholoshev, Electrical Engineering, Norwich University
Michelle Wegner, Mechanical Engineering, Norwich University
Robert Martin, Mechanical Engineering, Norwich University

Dr. Jun Yu, Lunar CubeSat Team Leader, University of Vermont
Michael Reardon, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Vermont
Emily Pratt, Mathematics and Economics, St. Michael's College
Stephanie Young, Mathematics, University of Vermont

Vermont Lunar CubeSat Project_Poster Session

Vermont Public Television's Emerging Science "Out of this World" shown on Wednesday, October 26th at 8:00pm featured our CubeSat project. 
It is now online at:  http://www.vpt.org/show/16403

Thank you to all who contributed, we have reached our goal!
 Become A Partner in the Launch
to help this wonderful collaboration of several VT Universities/College..
Your Contribution will help to get this launched! 
Send to the attention of Laurel Zeno
VT Space Grant Consortium/ NASA EPSCoR
Votey Building
Burlington, VT  05405

Paper on Lunar Lander/OrbitorCubesat
by Dr. Carl Brandon, VTC


2009 Consortia Award to VTC in Vermont!
VTC won the 2009 Consortia Award/NASA and will launch in 2012

Professor Carl Brandon, Lead Research Team
Satellite Monitoring Lab
Vermont Technical College (VTC)
VTC won the 2009 Consortia Award/NASA and will launch in 2012
Jun Yu, VSGC Lead
University of Vermont, Jeff Frolick
St. Michael's College_2 undergrad students
Norwich, Danner Friend and Ron Lessard, plus undergrad students

See Vermont Lunar CubeSat Project Information


NASA is announcing a new initiative to launch small cube-shaped satellites. CubeSats are a class of research spacecraft called picosatellites, having a size of approximately four inches, a volume of about one quart, and weighing no more than 2.2 pounds.  The CubeSats are planned as auxiliary payloads on launch vehicles already planned for 2011 and 2012.

NASA made our first open announcement to create an agency-prioritized list of available CubeSats in April this year.

From that first announcement a total of 12 CubeSat payloads were down-selected for launch opportunities.  The down-selected proposals include contributions from the following educational institutions:  Auburn University, California Polytechnic State University, Medgar Evers College - City University of New York, Montana State University, Regents of the University of Colorado, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of California, University of New Hampshire, University of Michigan, Utah State, and Vermont Technical College.  (exerpt from  NASA website on  CubeSat Initiative  )

Professor Carl Brandon, Satellite Monitoring Lab
Vermont Technical College (VTC)
Part of the Crawl, Walk, Run and Fly Projects administered by the NASA Space Grant Consortia 0 a 10cm x 10cm student built satellite
To purchase a kit, go to
www.cubesatkit.com  or www.pumpkininc.com 

CubeSat Kit™ Pumpkin

We have been selected for a launch by NASA for our one unit CubeSat
to test our navigation system in orbit in 2012! 
See Announcement from NASA.
Dr. Carl S. Brandon 
Vermont Tech CubeSat Lab Director
Randolph Center, Vermont

Professional Projects of Carl Brandon, VTC (taken from his website)

CricketSAT and BalloonSAT Program

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