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The NASA Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, or EPSCoR, strengthens the research capabilities of jurisdictions that have not in the past participated equably in competitive aerospace and aerospace-related research activities. EPSCoR provides eligible jurisdictions with funding to develop a more competitive research base within their jurisdiction and member academic institutions. Seven federal agencies conduct EPSCoR programs.

"Investigation of Critical Aerothermodynamics Phenomena for Hypersonic Vehicles_ F. Sansoz, Phase III Research Group "Improved Modeling of Coupled Ocean/Ice Dynamics in the Marginal Ice Zone_ C. Danforth, Phase III Research Team "Mechanics & Remodeling of the Injured Intervertebral Disc Under Simulated Hyper-and-Hypogravity Environments_ J. Iatrides, CORE Small Grant "Active Surface Technologies for Dust Mitigation in Martian & Lunar Environments_J. Marshall, PhaseIII Research Team NASA EPSCoR Research Phase III "Improved Modeling of Coupled Ocean/Ice Dynamics in the Marginal Ice Zone_J.Yu Phase III Research Team NASA EPSCoR_Experimental Project to Stimulate Competitive Research NASA EPSCoR  projects

  Vermont Space Grant Consortium/_NASA EPSCoR


Vermont's NASA EPSCoR
Technical Advisory Committee

Provides oversight for all aspects of our programs.

Members of TAC Committee:
Prof. Darren L. Hitt, Director (Committee Chair),
VT-NASA EPSCoR State Project

Prof. Judith Van Houten, Chair, Vermont State EPSCoR Committee
Hon. Brian Dubie, former Lieutenant Governor, State of Vermont,
and Past Chair, Vermont Aerospace and Aviation Association (VAAA)

Rep. Shap Smith, Vermont House of Representatives
Prof. John Evans President, Vermont Technology Council
Prof. Domenico Grasso, VP for Research, Dean of Graduate College, UVM
Prof. William Wilson, Provost, St. Michael's College
Prof. Joseph Byrne, Provost's Office, Norwich University
Prof. Carl Brandon, Vermont Technical College
Milton Silveira, Consulting Engineer, Aerospace Corp.
(Form NASA Chief Engineer)

Wayne R. Burgess, General Dynamics, Burlington VT
Ms. Laurel Zeno, VT NASA EPSCoR