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The VSGC engages in an active public information campaign for each of its programs. The Consortium raises awareness of the need for a trained, well-educated multicultural workforce through an effective program of press releases, postings on computer networks and displays at Statewide expositions.

To enhance public understanding of aerospace-related subjects, VSGC hosted a Space Grant Day featuring a space suit and space hardware from NASA contractors in Vermont and Connecticut, with a keynote speaker from the Aerospace industry. An informative "Mission Home Tour" to address space issues and promote awareness was held. Participation of Congressional Staff and a proclamation from the Governor emphasized the importance of public involvement. 

Vermont Outreach Programs

●  Fund competitive proposals from affiliates and other Vermont organizations for science
    communication projects.
●   Display an exhibit at appropriate meetings and conferences across the state that highlights
     VSGC activities and
     NASA programs.
●   Participate in the activities of the Vermont Civil Air Patrol and continue to be involved in state
     policy issues  associated with civil aviation.
●  Hold an annual Awards Night to honor VSGC Scholars and Fellows and showcase VSGC and
    NASA-related projects and activities in Vermont.    Invitees will include students, their parents and
    teachers, representatives of all VSGC affiliates, state government officials, and a NASA