VTSGC Sponsored NASA Internships/Workshops

NASA Internships

Goddard Space Flight Center – Summer 2016

Alexander Hoffmann, Senior, University of Vermont

David Hinckley, Ph.D., University of Vermont

David Hinckley also received the John Mather Nobel Scholarship by The National Space Grant Foundation, Inc.


Teacher Professional Development

Space Camp Welcomes the Teachers of the Year to International Space Camp

U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Huntsville, Alabama

July 8 -15, 2016


The U.S. Space & Rocket Center has partnered with the Council of Chief State School Officers for 25 years to enable the Teachers of the Year to participate in the internationally known program, Space Academy for Educators. This professional development program uses the format of astronaut training to convey new ways of teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts to the world’s future workforce. The hands-on learning activities are designed to be easily replicated in the classroom.

2016 Teacher of the Year – Susan Koch, Union Elementary School, Montpelier, Vermont

Student Workshops

2016 North Carolina/Connecticut Space Grant Consortium

Aircraft Readiness Engineering Workshop

At Craven Community College in Havelock, June 12 – 17, 2016

In collaboration with NC State University and Fleet Readiness Center-East


Student participants will experience working directly with the Department of Defense engineers from the

Navy’s Fleet Readiness Center-East Facility as the discover: Mechanical, Aerospace, and Systems Engineering;

Helicopter principals and simulation; interactive tour of military VTOL aircraft; UAV theory &

Flight demonstrations; Navy/Marine Corps Aircraft such as, S-22 Osprey, H-53 Heavy Lift Helo,

AV-8 Harrier Jump Jet, MQ-8 Firescout UAV; and flight in a military aircraft and/or simulator.

John E. Kingman, Mechanical Engineering, Norwich University


Rock On! 2016

The Next How To Workshop

NASA’s Wallops Flight Center, Virginia

In collaboration with Colorado & Virginia Space Grants


The RockOn workshop is the next step beyond BalloonSats. During the workshop, teams of 3 build a sounding

rocket payload from a kit in three days and launch it into space on the sixth day. Since 2008, 376 people have

participated in the RockOn workshops and successfully built and launched 119 payloads to space.


Deborah E. McNally, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Norwich University

Roland Herrmann-Stanzel, Mechanical Engineering, University of Vermont

Nicholas C. Martin, Mechanical Engineering, University of Vermont